Friday, October 25, 2013

Come Find Me At My New Place!

October 2013

It's official, I've moved!
I'm not sure how long this blog will stay up.  A little while.
But I've actually MOVED all of these posts that are here over to the new website! So nothing lost, just a change of address.

Come visit me at:

I got tired of the limitations here. And I grew out of the name, the feeling, the darkness, hassles with code, the boxy sidebars and photo-limits. 

The new site is colorful and lots of fun, the same old me, tho slightly smarter, and some new ideas as well. I hope you like it as much as I do.

What are you waiting for? Click the link above!

~Shephard :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Over-budget, Over-time, but Fabulous

The new website will lauch by mid-August, most likely!
I can't wait for you to see it, and I hope you will feel just as welcome, even amidst some new faces that may start to show up in comments. Because my readers here, quiet or not, have been a big part of why I write the subject-matter I write. That will continue on the new blog, along with some fresh variety.  

Life has marched on full steam during my downtime from this blog. I've continued to have a few adventures that I will be sharing. Not the least of which begins next week in Europe!  I've been taking French lessons, online writer's workshops and traveling!  Lots will be shared soon enough. And of course I will also be sharing a bit of what hubby is up to in the movie industry. Big news coming soon.  

But mostly I love sharing what makes life feel more connected, less bewildering. Tools. Community. The examined life. Survival skills. Humor.  I miss this blog. The new one is fully designed and in the midst of implementation. It won't be too long now. 

I got all of your emails, and I will be sending you the date the moment the blog quietly goes live. I'll need a couple weeks after the blog goes live to add decent content, so I hope you'll all visit and give me your feedback.

Stay tuned! Happy Summer! 

~Shephard :) 

Monday, June 03, 2013

What's Changing, What's Not!

(sneak peek)


My New Site:

The blog address will change. Unfortunate but necessary.

The page format will be so much more compact and easy on the eyes!
Fun, fresh, colorful and soothing! 
Bye-bye black background!

Content: my new blog will be called 
"The Inspired Life."  
And you will recognize its content and writing style if you've been reading me here. 

There will be a few other things on the site for others as well.  I will also have resources for fellow writers like myself, contained on a special subpage, and a page for sharing what I'm reading. 

You will finally be able to sign up to receive a brief email note to let you know when I have new content posted.  If you like.

I will likely archive the most popular and favorite posts from this site into the new site.

I will be more public on the new site. 
But you know me, I will always find a way to share,
even the personal stuff.  

If you want to follow me to the new site, 
please send me your email address 
and I will send you the brand new address!

If you've been reading me for this long, 
you know I don't bite, and won't send you spam. ;)
I won't be contacting you with that email address
for anything after I send you the new blog address. 

WriteShephard @

Here's to more content, regular writing and sharing!
~Shephard :) 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Finding My Inspiration for my new website!

What will my new site feel like? 
This is an eclectic mood board, consisting of color palette ideas, fonts and images I'm drawn to, as well as a little Midcentury creeping into it all.  I hope the new website will capture some of this, though these random images will be more inspirational than literal. 

Aqua, leaning slightly toward green. Perfect shade. 

Above: pattern set in Aqua, but maybe not the flower element...

White and Aqua... clean.

Above: One of my absolute favorite images.  Feels clean, but lacks a bit of contrasting color.

High Contrast pattern.....

It's just a pretty sunset.

Midcentury fresh.

Combination of colors. 
But it does need a little something warm ..... like....

Fresh, clean orange.

Not so much orange that it would dominate... but a little does really perk things up.

More Midcentury inspiration

Orange, blue, green. 

I decided against purple... it can be overwhelming. But a pop of violet, little elements here and there could be fun. 

A little blue goes a long ways.  But combined correctly is nice.  And I do like a little Art Nouveau. But it would have to be very subtle. 

I love glass.

Glass, light reflected through things. 

I do like some details that make things feel "crafted."  Doors and things. 


The following 2 images... honestly, they're garish, but in some small decorative way, might be refreshing.  A pop of color always draws the eye to the most important elements in a design.  Maybe as a small logo or button/tab element somewhere.

and... below... I love an illustratory feel, contrasty graphic design.  

And some stars never hurt to make you think about your place in the universe. 

I'll need a font for my name, and one for reading that is easy on the eyes and maybe one for headings, banners and tabs.  Fonts have to marry well as similar or as complementary contrast. 
They can't be hard to read, and they can't lean toward any genre or theme too strongly.

I love the handwritten quality of the font below. In fact, it might not be a font at all; just someone's handwriting, but the point it, it feels personal and casual, and not too self-important. 

Below, definitely a font.  Or someone who can write like my 9th grade Geometry teacher.

The color palettes and how to accent them. None of these are perfect but contain elements that feel right.